there are four type of Payment system use by the e-Mwakete as follow:

The Internet Banking (IB) with ANZ Bank

The ANZ Internet Banking allows the client to choose the IB Payment and upload the IB reference during the payment process, while letting the vendor to confirm the IB reference with during the IB. The product is then released  to the client upon confirmation of   payment IB Reference code.

The MPaisa e-Pocket with the Vodafone

MPaisa can be used around Kiribati in those islands with the respective network connectivity.Ensure your are able to use the services in your location.

POSMOS with the Post Office

POSTMOS is a new term for Telmo. It allows you to make payment by transferring money using a system that links the Island Council with Post Office in Tarawa.

Cash and Cheque on Delivery 

This payment allows Cash payment to be made on delivery of the products.

***The above information can be change in time by the MCIC Administrator.