About Kiribati e-Mwakete

Kiribati E-MWAKETE is an online marketplace platform that brings everyday shopping convenience to you and your family. It is made up of both large and small businesses in Kiribati that offers products to online buyers. The E-MWAKETE provides online marketing space for large and small businesses to sell to customers all over Kiribati, including outer islands. Along with the increasing product category provision, we are committed to provide service excellence and lifestyle quality elevation through technology capabilities.
Kiribati e-Commerce Project Officials

What We Do?


“Strengthening stakeholder engagement in E-Commerce Project in Kiribati”

The Australian Government launched its $4.5million funding assistance in 2019 on the E-Commerce Aid for Trade through its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for Pacific Island Countries. Kiribati through the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (MCIC) received AUD$483,980.00 of financial support from the Government of Australia to implement the project of “Strengthening stakeholder engagement in E–Commerce in Kiribati”.

The project has three components which are: promotion of digital business operations; website redesign of the Kiribati Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) and the Establishment of National Online Marketplace/App.

The project’s duration is for a one-year period, starting from September 2020 and ending in September 2021.  The project is being implemented by the MCIC in close collaboration with important stakeholders like the KCCI and others, with guidance from DT Global, the Technical Working Group and the National Trade Advisory Committee (NTAC) as the Project Steering Committee.

The project’s outputs will create more jobs, reduce inequality by generating income for Outer Island Communities, increasing economic opportunities for the Private Sector or the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to participate in the Digital Economy and overcome market barriers and to connect businesses with consumers and vise-versa. The project is also expected to change the perception of Internet use to a more profitable venture not only for the business community but the general public at large.

On behalf of the Government of Kiribati, the Honorable Minister Bootii Nauan conveys his sincerest gratitude towards the Government and the People of Australia for supporting the ‘stepping stone’ for Kiribati in transitioning towards digital business operations.

Our Team Member

Angoango Fakaua

Mrs. Angoango Fakaua

Project Manager e-Commerce Project

Tareneta Tikataake

Mrs. Tareneta Tikataake

Communication Officer e-Commerce Project

Tutiau Bukataake

Mrs. Tutiau Bukataake

Account Officer e-Commerce Project

Oritite Raimon

Mr. Oritite R Taake

ICT Officer e-Commerce Project